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DC Systems Simi Valley CA_ About This Site

Here at HowToFixYourStuff.com, we strive to provide quality content with professional attitude and service. We are very careful in selecting the content provided, writing useful articles and choosing advertisers. We also take pride in our work including site layout and keeping content focused. Thank you for visiting.

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HTFYS Owner and Creator

Hi, my name is Dean Chafee also known as screen name "FixingStuff".

I created this site because I have a long time passion for fixing stuff... all kinds of stuff because
"it ain't broke till you can't fix it no more".

My Background

I come from a family of auto mechanics and construction company owners who taught me a lot about equipment maintenance and repair. I have built drag race cars and served as pit crew for my family of drag racers. I have worked in auto machine shops, auto repair shops, with mason contractors, as a heavy equipment operator, truck driver and settled into my professional career of over 25 years as a computer professional. I am a very mechanically inclined person that can figure out how something works just by looking at it and/or taking it apart. As a kid I was a bit destructive by taking stuff apart to figure it out. I dissected toaster ovens, appliances, TVs, lawn mower engines, motorcycles, bicycles, model airplanes, go carts, mini bikes... pretty much anything with a motor in it. I still do most of my own vehicle maintenance and repairs, home improvement and landscaping projects.

My "Day Job"

My profession of over 25 years has been in computer operations, programming, and support. I currently work full time as manager of an IT department that supports over 65 servers and 45 desktop systems. Most of the servers are Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 with a few Linux based machines. The company I work for is a Database Marketing solutions company and therefore we support many large scale SQL database servers. At last count, there are 16 production SQL servers in the environment, so I have extensive knowledge of SQL server. I am a very hands-on with everything I do so that I learn first hand for myself how things work and how to fix them.

View my Daily "Technically Inclined" Blog

I am also a contributing expert at Experts Exchange with a Master Certification in Windows 2000 Operating Systems.

More about this web site and it's platform

This site runs on my own dedicated hardware in a secure (SAS70 and PCI compliant) redundant data center. There are several servers running their part of this site and all are monitored and supported on-site by me every day. I am fortunate to have this level of infrastructure and control over the environment to provide a high quality, high availability site. The site platform is LAMP and all system setup, maintenance, programming and development are performed by me. With this environment, I can quickly respond to the needs of site users and scale up with demand. I am flexible and interested in integrating this site with other webmasters to provide like services. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me and this site in any way.

Enjoy your visit!

Dean Chafee
a.k.a. FixingStuff

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