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Why Should You Do It Yourself?

  • Save Money - This one is obvious, but just how much money can you save? Most of the time, alot. As a quick example, it can cost over $200 to diagnose and replace the EGR valve in in most cars, plus over $150 for the EGR valve part itself. That's over $350. With a couple of tools and a couple hours of your time (and the help of articles here on HTFYS of course!) you could perform the same fix for under $150, that's over $200 in your pocket. This cost is based on about $100 for the EGR valve and $50 for a OBD code reader.
  • It is better for the environment - With all of the talk about Global Warming and becoming more earth friendly, why not do your part? If you can fix something as opposed to simply throwing it away and buying a new one you help planet earth in two ways. One, you are saving space at the trash dump and two, you don't use the resources that it takes to make the new one.
  • Pride in work - When you fix it yourself, you have control over how the work is done, what materials are used, and the level of overall quality.
  • Sense of accomplishment - It feels good! You can stand back and enjoy the feeling that you did it yourself. Brag to your buddies that you don't need no stinking expert.

Know your limits. You obviously cannot fix and/or repair everything, so don't attempt brain surgery on your first born or attempt to re-pipe your entire house if you have no idea what soldering copper pipe is about. When you are able to do the repair and save yourself some cash, enjoy it. Then, next time you have to spend money on something that is better left to the experts, just remember that you were able to save big on the last repair.

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