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How to Build a Basketball Court In Your Own Yard

By Lee Dobbins

Some people dream of becoming a doctor, a pilot, or a teacher while others dream of becoming a professional basketball player. If you are entertaining high hopes for yourself or your son in entering a professional league, you need to start practicing as early as possible and all the important basketball training in this world always start at the backyard.

There are two ways for you to build your own basketball court: you can do it from scratch or simply purchase a DIY basketball court kit.

Starting from Scratch

Skills - You need to have intermediate carpentry skills to successfully build your own basketball court from scratch. Firstly, you have to make sure that the ground you'll be building your basketball court on has a smooth even surface to prevent accidents and decrease the risk of injury. Secondly, you'll need to build your own basketball ring. Thirdly, you'll need to paint your own court lines.

Costs - It's possible that you'll enjoy lower costs when it comes to building your own basketball court from scratch. Most DIY basketball court kits include flooring, which would just be an unnecessary expense if you already have an appropriate floor surface for your basketball court. You can also choose your own materials for your basketball stand and ring and even painting materials and ensure that you'll pay less for them.

Production Time - Of course, building your own basketball court from scratch will take a longer time than it would with a DIY kit. This is because instead of simply having to assemble things only as is such the case with a DIY kit, it's entirely a different procedure when you're determined to build one from scratch.

Firstly, you'll have to take appropriate measurements. Secondly, you'll have to go shopping for the necessary materials and tools before you can finally get on to the building part.

Material Sources - You may have a difficult time procuring the required materials for your project especially if you're looking for things that are only sold wholesale in the market.

Using a DIY Basketball Court Kit Model - Make sure that you're purchasing the correct DIY basketball court kit. Most DIY basketball court kits differ according to court dimensions and whether or not it adheres to NBA or collegiate standards or the likes. Check also if the kit is for half or full court models.

Skills - Basic or moderate building skills are all that's necessary to get your basketball court assembled. You will need however to read instructions carefully and thoroughly because the assembly process leaves no room for errors. Skipping a step can spell danger for you in the long run as it compromises the safety of your basketball court.

Cost - Expect to spend a small amount of money on a DIY basketball kit, although this is certainly money well spent because DIY kits include absolutely everything you need to make your basketball court entirely professional and fit for the NBA!

Tips on Installing Poles for Your Basketball Court Whether you're building your own basketball court from scratch or using a DIY kit, you'll basically undergo the same process in properly installing your pole.

Firstly, you need to dig an appropriately sized hole for the foundation of your basketball pole. At least one foot and three inches of your basketball pole must be set underneath to ensure its stability. Once you've secured the pole's position, cover the hole with concrete. Make sure it's completely filled and doesn't have any air pockets. Afterwards, fill the pole with concrete as well. When that's done, check if the pole is plumb positioned accurately.

Important Measurements for Basketball Court Building The NBA and NCAA are both using the same court dimensions: ninety-four feet in length and fifty feet in width. High school basketball courts use the same width but a shorter length at eighty-four feet. Junior high basketball courts are seventy-four feet in length and forty-two feet in width.

Regardless of whether you're using an NBA, NCAA, or Junior High basketball court, you should concentrate more on honing your son's skills in basic basketball skills like dribbling and shooting if you want him fully prepared for a professional basketball career. But most important of all is to ensure that you and your son have fun playing. Shoot for your dreams!

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.sports-wise.com where you can learn more about your favorite sports and get more tips on building a basketball court.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lee_Dobbins

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