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How to Get Rid of Skunks

By Gretchen Messersmith

Skunks are adorable little animals... if they live five miles away. Unfortunately, human territory and skunk territory often crosses and the outcome can be stinky at best. While the prospect of how to get rid of skunks may seem difficult at first, there are things that can be done to keep skunks from deciding a particular patch of land or backyard is their playground. While it's not possible to always keep them away, homeowners can make their properties rather unattractive to these creatures. If they do, chances are the skunks will move on to greener pastures.

There are a number of things homeowners can try to make sure skunks don't try to call their houses home. Some of the ideas take diligence and even a little bit of work, but the end result can be sweet smelling success. To keep skunks at bay try:

  • Keeping garbage protected and covered. Large, plastic cans with tight-fitting lids are often the best for storing trash. Bags left outside for the garbage men can attract a number of food scavengers...skunks are just one type. The key is to make sure the garbage smell isn't released from the can and to help make sure trash will not spill over if the can happens to get tipped by a dog, cat, raccoon or especially skunk.
  • Keeping pet food covered or inside. It is never a good idea to leave food for a cat or dog outside over night. Skunks are attracted to the easy meal and they just might decide to move in for good. In addition, a host of other scavengers can decide to pay visits when food is left out. Watch out with bird feeders, too. Don't let the seeds fall on the ground.
  • Removing bugs. Skunks are natural born bug eaters. They adore things like larva and grubs. Make sure lawns are treated properly to avoid food-hunting skunks from finding an easy meal within.
  • Covering compost heaps. Using modernized plastic compost bins that cover tightly can help avoid this skunk attractant from reeling them in. If a covered heap isn't possible, make sure to keep fruit, animal bones and eggs out of the piles. Stick with plant material instead.
  • Keeping fruit trees and berry shrubs harvested. Fallen fruits and berries can attract skunks. To make a yard less attractive, make sure to pick these up when they fall.
  • Other methods. Some homeowners have had very good luck by using different repellants, fences and other devices to keep skunks away. Bright light, for example, is said to be a very useful and natural means. It might also keep other nocturnal animals out of a yard, but it does present a problem by serving to reel in mosquitoes and other troublesome bugs.

Skunks are generally attracted to areas where the feeding is easy. When tackling the issue of how to get rid of skunks, the trick to keep them away is to make sure a yard does not present a smorgasbord of food and water they can get at easily. A careful surveying of the property and a few fairly simple measures can be enough to ensure skunks and other scavenging critters don't decide to call a particular patch of land their own.

Gretchen Messersmith is the author of this skunk odor removal website that helps you to banish skunk smell for good. She has prepared an article for you about skunk odor removal from clothes.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gretchen_Messersmith

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