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Trampoline Repair

By Jake Kennedy

Trampolines are great for the kids during those summer parties in the back lawn but one needs to be careful of the dangers in the structure and material of the trampoline if not properly maintained.

Trampoline repair should be carried out every four to five years, and replaced after ten to twelve years, sooner if you find that the weather conditions have hastened the onset of holes in the trampoline. It is very important not to allows kids to jump on the trampoline once you notice that it has become damaged. A small child could easily trip on one of the torn pieces or holes in the trampoline. Of course you should always have netting around your trampoline but still keep the kids off for the time being, net or no netting.

There are a various ways that a trampoline can become damaged and in need of repair. These include worn stitching, missing rings and straps, damaged springs, and holes in the trampoline. When you notice any of these problems in the at or structure it is time for repair or a complete replacement.

Believe it or not, another common problem with trampolines is rot due to the suns rays. Always cover the trampoline when not in use to avoid this and protect the trampoline from other outside factors.

Trampoline parts can be purchased from online or offline stores. Most repair companies can replace straps and rings. They will also stitch up the mat a number of times to ensure that the mat become strong again and safe for use. Faulty springs can be replaced. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a handy man you may be able to do this yourself given the right tools and directions. If in doubt always consult the experts.

Depending on where you bought your trampoline, it may still be under warranty. Although most warranties only last for one year. If you find damage to the trampoline within 12 months then check the purchase documents to see if you are still entitled to request a repair or replacement free of charge.

If your trampoline is beyond warranty and it is badly damaged then it may be a better idea to replace the trampoline altogether. This is a much safer option than risking the injury of children, or boisterous adults, on the worn trampoline.

Your family trampoline will last for years, maybe even the childhood years of your kids if properly looked after. The important thing is to make sure the trampoline remains safe while they are playing on it. As the old say goes "Better safe than sorry". This applies to trampolines too.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jake_Kennedy

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