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Carpet Damage: How to Repair a Burn or Permanent Stain

Discovering a permanent stain or a burn on a carpet is a nightmare, especially if the carpeting is new, but it is possible to repair without seeking the assistance of a professional. Call out a professional carpet repair company and you will pay through the nose, and when you discover how they repair the damage you will wish you had completed the repair yourself. The following easy instructions will help you repair carpet damage, and when patched correctly the repair will be virtually invisible. Whether the damage is a burn, a stain, or something else, no one will know it was ever there.

Necessary Supplies to Repair the Damage

To fix a burn or a permanent stain on carpeting you will need a section of matching carpeting to use for a patch. If you did not keep excess carpeting after installation, consider removing a section from the inside of a closet or another inconspicuous area. This is a better alternative to the eyesore of a burn or stain in the center of the room. You will also need a sharp utility knife, a fine-tip black marker, sharp scissors, carpet cement, or for a larger repair carpet tape is also necessary. This is a quick and easy repair, and it will save a considerable amount of money over hiring a professional.

How to Repair Small Burns or Carpet Stains

Begin by cutting out the stain or burn with a sharp utility knife. Be careful not to cut all the way into the padding. Once the area has been cut away, examine the extra piece of carpeting that will be used to make the patch, and look for the direction of the nap. Place the carpet patch on the backside of the extra piece while making sure it is facing the right direction so the nap will be the same when the repair is complete. Trace around the cutout on the backside of the carpet with a fine-tip marker, and cut it out using a sharp utility knife. The newly cutout section of carpet should fit the hole like a puzzle piece, and once it is glued in place it should blend in seamlessly. Apply the cement, and firmly press it into place. After the cement has dried, brush the nap of the carpet with a hand to blend it with the surrounding carpeting. Trim the fibers if necessary.

How to Repair Large Burns or Carpeting Stains

Large burns or carpeting stains can be repaired much in the same way as smaller ones. Cut out a patch as directed above while being careful to match the nap of the carpeting. Instead of just using carpet cement, apply double-sided carpet tape to the patch and padding beneath. Apply half of the tape beneath the edges of the hole, and apply carpet cement around the edges of the patch. Carefully put it in place and set something heavy over the repair for at least eight hours. If the finished patch matches the nap of the carpeting it should blend in, and no one will know the area was patched.

Author Jessica Ackerman offers a wealth of creative tips on home decorating. She writes for Wall Decor and Home Accents - an unique store specializing in metal wall decorations, wrought iron wall grilles and wall candle holders.

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