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Choosing the Right Picture Frames for Your Home Decor

Choosing the Right Picture Frames for Your Home Decor

Picture frames are a wonderful way to decorate your home. It can hold precious artwork or a memorable photograph that you would like to cherish. Choosing the right picture frame can be a challenging. Below are a few tips that will help you choose a picture frame that is suitable for your home and enhances its beauty.
The picture frame you choose depends on the type of room you have and the artwork you are going to use it for. It also depends on your personal taste.
Blend into the Setting
Choose a frame that blends in with the theme of the room and complements the upholstery and furniture. The frame should not look out of place. If you have a room painted in neutral colors, you can opt for a wooden frame. Wooden frames blend well in any kind of décor.
Choose a Frame that Contrasts with the Wall
If your room has wallpaper, go for a pastel-colored plain frame. Choosing a heavily-designed frame to hang on a wall covered with printed wallpaper is not a good idea. The frame will lose its charm. A brightly-colored frame or one that is very artistic will draw attention to itself leaving the picture unnoticed.
Catch Attention
A picture frame should blend in with the room, but not to the extent that it becomes inconspicuous. A frame that complements the theme of the room but also stands out will be able to enhance the beauty of the room and catch the attention of the viewer. If your photograph or artwork is very colorful, you should use a thin solid colored frame to go with it.
A frame with artistic and intricately-designed borders will also work well in catching the viewer’s attention. Ensure that such a frame does not dim the appeal of the picture.
Size Matters
Before buying a frame, measure the size of your photograph or artwork. The artwork or photograph should fit the frame correctly. A frame with very thick borders holding a small piece of artwork will look garish and pull attention away from the artwork. Similarly, a very large piece of artwork in a frame having thin borders will look lifeless. The frame should be chosen according to the size of the artwork and should be able to enhance the beauty of the artwork within.
In your Budget
You can find a variety of frames that suit your needs in the market. Ready-made frames are cheap and available in all shapes and sizes. However, if you have a unique piece of art, you can have a frame custom-made according your requirements. It might be a little costly than a ready-made frame but it will add elegance to your artwork and to your house.

Chris is a trained interior designer with years of experience. Chris specialises in French provincial and classic style furniture, but he has also worked on a variety of interiors.

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