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Fix a Leaking Water Cooler

Fix a Leaking Water Cooler

If you find that your water cooler is suddenly leaking, here is a possible fix. This is for the type of Sparkletts or Arrowhead cooler/dispenser that holds a
five gallon water bottle upside down on top of the unit.

If you find that the water is leaking from inside the unit as opposed to the front dispenser itself, it may be a defective water bottle.
Try draining out the water into another container so that the top bottle can be removed then simply mount a new water bottle.

What can happen is that a very small crack in the bottle can slowly let air in which in turn overfills the small container inside the
cooler unit and causes an overflow. These cracks can be so small that they are not visible and may not even leak water, but do allow air
to get pulled in due to the vacuum effect when the bottle is upside down.

Author: FixingStuff
Article Date: 05-20-2008

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