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Granite Counter Top Care - Some Useful Tips

By Joseph Ahdoot

When I got my new counter top, I was so excited: my kitchen finally didn't look like it was rotting away anymore. I was so excited but the installers immediately told me to be careful: even though granite is a very resilient material, I still need to take proper care of it. If I took care of it properly, it would look beautiful and maintain its magnificent luster. If I chose to maintain it in the wrong way, then the result is obvious: my granite counter top would just became a mess and would begin to cost more money to fix. One of the important things I learned was how to properly clean my counter top; what was the proper way that was effective. I also learned what was ineffective and possibly could damage my beautiful counter top. I hope this information helps you all as much as me to help take good care of your counter tops made of granite.

Cleaning is very important when it comes to the counter top. Let's say your enjoying a nice glass of wine and some spills on the counter. Do not wait: clean it up as soon as possible. It will not damage the granite, but if it is not cleaned immediately, it will stain the counter top and nobody wants to have stained granite. The proper way to clean your granite is actually unbelievably simple. All you need to do is take a cloth or a sponge which is moist with hot water and then rub down the counter top; this will not only keep it clean, but it will properly and effectively sanitize the counters without damaging them. No soap or detergents which makes it even easier to enjoy and clean. A cheap, effective method of cleaning: what more would anyone be able to ask for within reason?

In fact, it is discouraged to use detergent or soaps to use for taking care of your granite counter top; they actually do more harm than benefit the counter. The soap scum will eventually pile up and just make it dirtier, lose its luster and make something that was once beautiful become an eye sore; nobody wants to see that happen. Detergent is even worse: it uses ammonia as the main sanitizer which will only hurt your counter top. Your counter will be cleaned, but it's luster (shine) will be destroyed and the sealant will be damaged; it will no longer be a smooth but coarse and sharp. In the end, this will only cost you more money and destroy the look of your counter tops.

Granite counter top care is very important. It is actually very simple to take care: you just need to know how to properly do so. This way you can always maintain a beautiful granite counter in the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere you have one in your home. You paid good money for it to have it installed, you don't want to pay even more to replace or repair it because of some small or silly mistakes. For more information, it's always a good idea to contact those who installed it and ask for more care tips. Remember, if you take good care of it, then it will last longer and you may only need to have it resealed once every five years, but if you choose not to clean it properly and damage it, then it may have to be resealed or repaired every other year. I saw the prices for granite and how much it costs to have repaired and it is not cheap by any means unless you are one who has a very high income.

It surprised me when so little people knew how simple granite counter top care really is and how important it is. I hope this helps those who read this. For those who already know this valuable information, I hope it reminds you how useful and it important it is to have a beautiful looking home.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joseph_Ahdoot

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