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How to Maximize Space Using Storage Shelving

By Lee Dobbins

Storage shelving provides you with the most efficient method of maximizing any storage space that you have. There are many storage shelving systems available where single shelves are supported by fixed brackets on fully adjustable units.

The storage shelving can be designed to blend in with the style, character or shape of a room or it may even act as a decorative feature. But when using any form of shelving it is important that the materials it is made from are strong enough to bear any loads that are put on them.

Shelves come in a variety of different materials from wood (of different thicknesses and finishes) to glass or metal ones. However the simplest storage shelving around is that on a non adjustable track system.

When you have decided what type of shelving support system you are going to need and have decided on the shelving material you are going to use you will now need to either install it yourself or get a professional company to do it for you.

However if you are putting up the shelving system yourself make sure that you secure the unit securely to the wall and take care when hanging the shelves and make sure that they are perfectly level.

It is important that you use the correct hardware that suits the structure of your property’s walls; there are a large range of both metal and plastic anchors that you can use as well as bolts with spring clips that are great for securing screws or brackets to cavity walls.

If you happen to be mounting a lightweight shelf on a cavity wall then use anchors made of plastic or metal (most of these have wings which expand against the wall within the cavity). It is vital that you choose the right size bit for your drill as recommended by the manufacturer of the anchors that you are using. Now mark the place where you want to drill and drill the holes. Then insert the anchor and then drive home the screw to secure the anchor in place (as the screw turns the wings on the anchor expand).

If you are looking for a more flexible type of storage shelving then the best one is known as a track system and is easy to install and great for storing objects of different sizes (such as books).

So when looking for a good storage shelving system all you need do is either visit your local DIY store or carry out a search of the internet and you will soon see the styles that are now available. Many of which are also easy to install yourself.

Lee Dobbins write for Moving and More where you can get tips on moving and learn more about moving and household storage.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lee_Dobbins

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