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How to Clean and Care for Wicker Furniture

Cleaning your wicker furniture on a regular basis will keep it clean and in good shape. It can withstand moisture to a certain extent, but will become limp, loose and saggy with too much moisture. The good thing is that it has remarkable ability to recover and put up normal growth arc released from stress either through rainfall or irrigation.

Wicker furniture can be used inside or outside if it is placed under a protective overhang, such as a patio with an awning. You will need some tools to help you including: toothbrush, paint brush (cut the bristles about half way down from the end), a bristle brush (small with medium stiff bristles) and a dowel (sharpen like a pencil).

If conditions are too dry, the wicker can dry out and become brittle. Wiping occasionally with a damp (not wet) sponge may help.

Wicker furniture must be dusted regularly to keep it in good condition. To remove surface dust, regularly vacuum it using the soft bristle brush attachment. Use a damp sponge and only wash it with a mix of water and mild detergent. Wipe the soap off with a clean, soft, damp cloth.

Periodical care is great, but once a year it's best to do a major cleaning with soapy water of your furniture. Dip the brush and gently scrub the it completely, even underneath, then rinse the same way with clean warm water.

Mildew can develop on your wicker furniture, remove it with a mild bleach and water cleaning solution. After drying you should not use your furniture for a day or two because when the wicker is wet it could dry in the wrong position if sat on. Apply a coat of varnish to bring out the natural colour of the wicker.

Aside from keeping your wicker attractive, paint can also serve as protection. If the furniture is painted, then it may be a good idea to strip the wicker for refinishing work. To refinish wicker furniture, dust it carefully and apply a liquid paint stripper. You will need some stripper liquid to soften the wicker. Be sure to scrub off all traces of the stripper using a stiff-bristle brush dipped into detergent and water.

After it is dry, spray the furniture with a spray paint. Wicker furniture looks great with a fresh coat of paint, and you can paint it any color you wish.

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