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Removing Skunk Odor From Furniture

By Gretchen Messersmith

Skunks are wonderful little creatures that have a big impact on the environments they live in. For the most part, these black and white critters go about their business, causing no one but known pests a problem. Unfortunately, they sometimes have run ins with people, pets or even living room furniture if they manage to get into a home personally.

When removing skunk odor from furniture is necessary, there are some tips that can help ensure the job results in success. The best ideas for handling skunk odor on furniture include:

  • Make sure the contaminated creature or the contaminating creature is isolated and cleaned or gone before proceeding. There is little point in trying to get skunk odors out of furniture if the cat or dog that rolled on a sofa is still skunk smelling and present. Clean up the creature or get the skunk out of the house and then proceed.

  • Carefully inspect all furniture that may have come in contact with the skunk. The idea is to not have to clean more than is necessary without missing anything that is.

  • Gently blot up any wet spots. If the spray is fresh or a wet dog or cat just rolled on the furniture, spreading the skunk smell around, blot it up. Do not scrub to avoid working it further into the fabrics.

  • Get an extracting machine if possible. Go to a hardware or grocery store and rent an extraction machine for cleaning fabric furniture. This will help pull the odor-causing skunk spray out of the furniture rather than pushing it further into the fabric.

  • If an extractor is not possible, consider getting a bag of clean rags or other cleaning cloths that can be tossed in the trash when the job is done.

  • Select the solution. Whether it's an extraction machine with an upholstery wand or a hand clean up and blot job on tap, the right odor neutralizing agents are necessary. Some people prefer using baking soda and vinegar on furniture; others like the idea of using gentle sodas or professional cleaning agents. No matter the option, have plenty of the chosen solution on hand. Getting skunk smells out of furniture takes a bit of time and even several applications. If a trip to a store is in order, consider also picking up feminine cleaning products (these work well on skunk odors, too) and/or odor neutralizing sprays for fabrics for the follow up job.

  • Clean, extract or soak and blot. This particular part of the process might take several applications and some time to work. With diligence and the right follow up neutralizer, it should pay off.

As you can see, removing skunk odor is a task that can be accomplished. With the right tools and a bit of elbow grease, a couch, chair or even entire living room can be salvaged.

Gretchen Messersmith is the owner of Skunk Odor Gone, the website that shows you step-by-step how to quickly and easily get rid of skunk odor for good. Because of her own personal experience in this area, she is passionate about helping people remove skunk smell safely, quickly and easily.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gretchen_Messersmith

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