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The power of this site comes from colaboration and contribution from many on ways to fix stuff. Sharing your ideas and stories about ways to repair it yourself and save money is a great way to help others and hopefully, you have learned something from this site as well.

The Process

  • Please read the policies and disclaimer section below.
  • Write your article using the format guidelines detailed below.
  • email your article using the email link below for publishing consideration. You will receive a confirmation email that the article was received.
Article Format Guidelines

The preferred method to create an article is to type it in plain text in notepad or better yet, a notepad replacement like TextPad or EditPlus. You can also use WordPad or Word, but please save the file as TEXT. To indicate where you would like an image to appear, use a comment inside of brackets. For example [IMG00012.jpg here]. Also, please place section titles on a single line with a blank line below them.

Example article format:

How To Fix Your Broken Widget

My broken widget was driving me nuts... bla bla.

The Solution

You can repair your widget by following these steps...
See repair in this pic.


I like my widget once again and was able to repair it 
for just 42 cents!
It now works like new. 

Use the email link below to send your article text and attached images. Please indicate whether you want your author information posted or not. If so, please provide the name and email address that you would like to have posted at the end of the article.

([email protected])


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DC Systems, HowToFixYourStuff.com, and its owners and operators do not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the use of any content provided on this site or the use of any of the sites from links provided. The use of information provided on this site is on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of any kind. By the use of this site, you assume full resposibility for any resulting damage related to the use of information herein.

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