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Who Should I Get To Fix My Computer?

By Tony Roberts

Your computer has stopped working for some reason and you are completely bemused by it. You’ve pressed the power button a few times, scratched your head and perhaps even kicked it, yet it still refuses to cooperate.

How do you get it fixed?

Maybe your kids could fix it, yet they are more adept at Playstations rather than PC’s and computer hardware repair is not their forte.

Obviously, you need to get your computer fixed, but where can you take it. You could take it to one of those big national computer chains that offer a computer repair service, but what sort of job are they likely to do?

Yes, they can repair your computer for you but they just aren’t passionate about their work; it’s a group of people who have jobs – just like you have a job. They turn up hungover on a Saturday hoping that they don’t have to repair anything complex.

Also, because they are a national company, obviously they have higher overheads and therefore need to charge you more for the pleasure of fixing your computer. And of course, home computing has become a huge industry with hundreds of millions of pounds being spent on it each year. These national, and even global, corporations want a slice of this pie.

What are your alternatives then if you want a more personal service?

You can go to a local computer repair support service; someone who is passionate about their job and doing what they love. The by product of this is that you get a much better service by someone who is not in a job wishing they were doing something else, but from someone who is doing what they love.

Another huge advantage of your local computer support service is that they will come to your home to help fix your computer or upgrade it or even re-install the operating system for you. And how does this benefit you? Well for a start you don’t need to unplug your computer, carry it to the computer store and stand in a long, boring queue waiting for someone with an attitude to grumpily listen to your problems and tell you it will take weeks for it to be fixed.

Your local computer repair service will give you a rapid turn around and professional advice. Not only that, but they can give you advice and guidance on how to ensure your PC keeps running well.

A local company can also help you enhance and upgrade your computer with more memory, a faster processor or a newer operating system. Not only can they physically do the work for you, but they can give you advice on what you need to upgrade your computer. They aren’t going to baffle you with techno-babble or try to sell you expensive hardware or software that you don’t really need.

All in all, a local company will give you a more reliable and personal service, which in this climate of global mega-corporations is a welcome breath of fresh air for us all.

Tony Roberts has worked extensively for the last 15 years for several Blue Chip companies providing technical support and training to on-site support staff, enabling them to support a variety of software/hardware platforms. He now focuses his efforts in assisting small businesses and home users more information can be found at "Computer Repair the easy way"

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tony_Roberts

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