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Category: Food and Cooking

10 Timeless Tips to a Perfect Cup of Coffee
Believe it or not, coffee connoisseurs have dedicated entire lifetimes in the pursuit of finding that one cup of the most heavenly coffee ever made. Few quests in human history have so captivated men and women around the world. Well, search no more. more...

How To Cook Different Rices; From Indian To Italian Or Thai
How to cook different rices. From Thai to Indian or Italian. Learn some basics, rules, or how to prepare a true risotto. How to boil rice the Chinese way and more. more...

How To Prepare "Sous Vide" - Or Vacuum Cooking
Of course, without a vacuum machine it is not possible to obtain a perfect vacuum in a plastic bag or plastic pouch; but it is possible to have a partial "sous vide", enough to realise this method of cooking. It can be adapted for home cooking or for small restaurants. more...

How To Make Of Soup Preparation Something Easy
Feel free to create as you wish! Use any combination of vegetables you want and to make a complete meal of a soup, just cut up any leftover (cooked) meats and add at the last minute. If you have some frozen shrimp in the freezer, you can always cook them at the last minute by... more...

How To Grill Fish Easily
Grilling is a delicious and easy way to quickly cook fish without adding more than a tiny bit of extra fat! In France, this is often greatly improved by adding- more...

How to Make an Everyday Salad the French Way
There are many ways to make a salad and many people like to have salads at least once a day. To keep a diet interesting and nutritional, it is good to master the art of being able to whip up a different salad "out of nothing"! Try to avoid just... more...

How to Barbecue - Recommendations and Tips
I do remember, however, a wonderful barbecue at the home of a good friend of mine in the south of France. John cooked up and served one of the best barbecues of my life! The meat was first marinated in a wonderful choice of spices, was tender and perfectly- more...

Don't Invite Bacteria Over For The Holidays
Learn how to handle and prepare your food properly to avoid food poisoning during holidays and any time of year. more...

How to Keep Food Fresh Naturally
How many times have we brought food and then forgotten about it only to remember it because it begins to stink? Learn how to keep your food fresh using other fruits and vegetables. more...

Coffee Storage
Here are some tips for storing coffee beans and ground coffee to keep your coffee tasting as good as possible. more...

All About Coffee Makers
Why do coffee makers stop working correctly? more...

French Press - Making Great Coffee
Starting the day with a good cup of coffee has become important to many people. Why not take control of the coffee brew process and start using a French press. You'll get a more aromatic and delicious cup if you follow these simple directions. more...

Cleaning Coffee Makers
Cleaning your coffee maker is necessary to keep your machine producing great tasting coffee. Each machine type will require a different cleaning method. We discuss how to clean popular coffee machines such as espresso machines, moka pots (stove top brewers), French Press and Drip Filter brewers. more...

How To Find The Best Coffee And Espresso Maker
If you really do love your coffee, but are fed up with having to pay the high prices that your local coffee house charges, then why not consider purchasing a good coffee and espresso making machine so that you have great coffee at home any time you want. But just how do you go about finding the best coffee and espresso maker in order to achieve this? more...

Does Your Crock Pot Work?
If your crock pot is not working properly, bacteria can form in your food. This article contains valuable information and a simple at home test to see if your crock pot is working properly. more...

Windex and Food: Imperfect Together!
Do you want to poison your guests? If so, Windex can do the trick! Better yet, keep your guests safe by cleaning your cutting boards with a "secret" household product. more...

Fix Your Dried Out Brown Sugar
Don't you just hate it when you are ready to make that batch of cookies and you find that the brown sugar has dried out like a brick? Here is a easy way to fix it. more...

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