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Category: Pool and Spa

Hot Tub Maintenance - Keep Your Water Sparkling Clean
Hot tub maintenance is required to keep the water sparkling and clean. This will enhance your enjoyment of your spa. Although maintenance may take some time, it is well worth the effort to have a clean and healthy spa in which you can soak in after a long day at work. more...

5 Tips for Energy Efficient Swimming Pool
When installing a swimming pool, most people don't realize that its initial cost is only a small part of the money they have to invest in it. No-one would dispute that owning a swimming pool is great, but running it can be quite costly. Discover how to make your pool more energy efficient, so you can enjoy it and not worry about the cost too much. more...

How To Prepare Your Hot Tub For Winter
You've invested thousands of dollars in your hot tub and with only a few hours work you can make sure that it will hold water when you fill it back up in the spring, without leaking due to freeze damage. Outlined are the steps you need to follow to protect your investment. more...

How To Crank Your Hot Tub Back Up In The Spring
If you did a good job in of winterizing your hot tub in the fall, then in the spring it should be a snap setting it back up and getting it ready to use. Here are the steps to take so you can have those long, relaxing soaks again. more...

Permanently Remove Green Pool Algae
Green pool algae is the most common pool algae, and is easy to correct. Green pool aglae is an indication that the pool is not properly maintained, and pool algae will return again and again if the pool chemical routine is not corrected. The following instructions will quickly and permanently remove pool algae. more...

How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool's Health
Get your water right on the scale by balancing your water. This simple procedure will lengthen the life of your water, pump, heater, filter, and other equipment. Balancing and testing your water will also make your pool care a breeze. more...

Swimming Pool Algae - How To Get Rid Of The Molecular Mischief
Wind, rain and leaves introduce algae spores that are microscopic in size into your swimming pool. Sometimes as unsightly and slippery, algae consumes chlorine as it multiplies. This situation may become difficult and expensive to eliminate, therefore the best way to control this plant life is through algae prevention. more...

Closing Your Swimming Pool
By using the right products and following these simple procedures, you will protect your pool during the cold winter weather. more...

A Step By Step Guide To Opening Your Swimming Pool
When warm weather is approaching, it's time to start thinking about opening the swimming pool for the summer. Actually, opening the pool is just simply closing the pool in reverse, so let's take you through it step by step. more...

How To Find And Repair Most Swimming Pool Leaks
It's not uncommon for pool owners to notice that water seems to be leaking out of their pool after opening it for the year. But where is the leak coming from? Let's take a look and see how to find and repair swimming pool leaks. more...

Hayward cartridge filter o-ring - Above Ground     enhanced content
The problem is that the large o-ring that seals the head to the lower body will stretch and fall out of the channel that it is intended to stay in while placing the head on the body. In addition the o-ring is hidden under the black threaded hold down ring so there is no way to hold the o-ring into place or guide it into position. more...

Skimmer Cover - Above ground     enhanced content
Easily make your own replacement skimmer cover. more...

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